Ministries Out of Victory

Victory Baptist Press

Victory Baptist Press was born in the heart of Dr. Thomas F. Woodward in 1984. With nothing more than a burden and strong faith, he began printing the Gospel of John/Romans on a small sheet-fed press. Today the ministry continues under the leadership of Dr. Jim Fellure. The print shop is housed in a 6,000 square foot building located on church property, where our staff daily prints, collates, and ships bibles and scripture portions. Victory Baptist Press is supported financially by regular monthly support and one-time gifts from churches and individuals.

Fishers of Men Ministries

The objective of Fishers of Men Ministries is to work with missionaries in coastal areas around the globe through local church evangelism, correspondence courses, personal evangelism, and mission radio evangelism.

Hands Across the Border

The mission of Hands Across the Border is evangelizing through local church revivals, Soul Winning and church planting; equipping by the distribution of Bibles, tracts, hymnals and discipleship material, and finally encouraging through developing national pastors.

Jason Kendrick Family

The Kendricks minister in Independent, Fundamental Baptist churches across the nation with church and tent revivals. It is their heart’s desire to serve the local church through Christ-honoring music and Bible preaching. Their prayer is that God would be glorified, saints would be edified, the lost would come to Jesus and that revival would come to our nation.

Pensacola Christian Servicemen’s Center

Under the direction of Bro. James Dare, the servicemen’s center provides a home away from home for the young men and women stationed at Pensacola Naval Air Station. Each week there are bible studies on the base and in their private home, as well as home-cooked meals and opportunities for fellowship away from the temptations and pressures of the world. Many of them have received Christ while here, and go on to serve both Christ and our nation around the world.