Our Pastor

Pastor Tim Fellure

My name is Tim Fellure and it has been my privilege to pastor Victory Baptist Church. I was born to a Baptist preacher’s home and was blessed to grow up in a strong Christian environment. My parents were the old-fashioned kind who taught my sisters and me the values of hard work, integrity, and commitment to our faith.

I was saved at the early age of seven and surrendered to the call to preach just a few months later. From just a child the only real desire I had was to be a preacher of the gospel and to give my entire life to Christ. I graduated from Pensacola Christian College in 1991 with a B.A. in Youth Ministry/Sacred Music and married my high school sweetheart, Jennifer Givens, on July 3, 1991.

We worked in a small church in Virginia for a few months and then accepted the position of Assistant Pastor for a church in north Florida. After one year we moved to Milton, FL, and joined Victory Baptist Church as field representatives for the printing ministry of the church. For two years we traveled across the country (26 states) raising support for the Bible-printing ministry. In May 1994 our founding pastor, Dr. Thomas Woodward, passed away and the church asked me to become the pastor. The years have been filled with blessings and burdens but it has been an incredible journey.